First post-triton business trip

A couple weeks ago, Mon Amour left for his first post-triton business trip. I knew it would be hard but I had lots of help lined up and I wasn't overly worried.

Unfortunately, the day he left, a stomach virus came to call. Hibou was the first to get it. She had diarrhea all day long. That first evening, in a very 'special' moment, Ingrid was still having diarrhea, I was pluging the overflowing toilet and Triton was screaming because he wanted to be fed. Mon amour had been gone for an hour and a half an we were already drowning. Then papillon pipes up and says with a sigh "I really missed dad a lot today" as though he had been gone for a looooong time.  In the midst of that chaotic moment, I just started laughing and said "me too!"

That moment passed but the sickness continued. Hibou was sick for 4 days and I was sick for 6! Like horribly sick. We retreated to my parents house and lived there for the week, watching a ridiculous amount of tv with me laying on the sofa, prioritizing nothing but feeding Triton.  It was miserable!!

But we survived. Largely because of the help of my wonderful family. If they weren't nearby...I am not sure what the week would have looked like!

Despite all the miserableness,there were some highlights!

Like brunch with a wonderful friend!

The girls experimenting with photography. This is Hibou's picture of Papillon...makes me smile!

Some tummy time coaching!

Sweet morning snuggles.

Sharing secrets (and a muffin) at the farmers market.

Discovering the joys of the ceiling fan.

Snuggling with Nana.

Early morning book reading

And a birthday party for our favorite 1 year old dog!

And playing games on the iPad.

It certainly not the amazing safari fun time that mon amour was having, but we made it through.

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