Kansas trip

We just returned from a little 5 day trip to Kansas (or as Hibou calls it "cam-dis" where we visited mon amour's grandad and a few other relatives. 

While we were there, I actually managed to use a real camera, not just my phone, to take pictures. But those pictures haven't come off the camera yet, so here are a few photos, a random smattering of those things I documented with my phone.

It was Trtion's first plane ride, and he did a great job. Smiled and played while waiting for the plane. Then nursed and fell asleep on the plane. And stayed asleep the whole 2.5 hours of the trip!

These two were also excellent travelers! Flying ok our pjs since we had to get up at 4am to get to the airport.

We rented a minivan and the girls rode in the back with one of the middle row seats folded down. There was sooooo much space! It was glorious!

In Kansas!

Doing some coloring, of course.

Helping great grandad pay some bills. And keeping him smiling by asking a million questions about the process.

Prettiest spot in all of Kansas! Also pretty much the only significant hill in the whole state.

Before we flew back, we stayed a night at a hotel in Kansas City. Triton thought the bed was comfy.

Remarkably the girls didn't ask to turn on the tv at all! (Usually it's te first thing they ask at a hotel) We did turn it on eventually and watched Chopped! Much to my surprise, they loved it! Papillon asked to watch it again the next day! It may officially be the first non-animated thing they've enjoyed!

Waiting for our flight home! Thanks to some bad weather in Chicago, our two part flight turned into a direct flight home. Huzzah!

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