Triton Jaune: 2 months

Hard as it is to believe, Triton Jaune turned 2 months old this week. I don't think he really counts as a newborn anymore! An infant, yes. But much of that squish able, red-faced newborn-ness is gone.  I look back to his first few days of life and they seem so long ago and yet, wasn't he just born?
Papillon said to me at breakfast the other say: "It's a lot of fun having a little brother!"

Ingrid routinely tells me "I very love him, momma!"

At 2 months Triton...

...weighs 11lbs 12oz! The doctor was unimpressed with his weight gain and truly, 2lbs in 2 months is not that impressive. However, at this age, papillon was 10lbs 3oz and Hibou was 10lbs4oz. So Big Dude is pioneering new territory for us in the world of Baby-growing. 23 inches tall. In theory. I don't think the nurse did a careful job measuring him (his knee was majorly bent when she marked his height!) And I think he's taller than that. 

...wears 3 and 3-6 month clothes (these little sizes are so fickle.)

...goes to bed between 8 and 9. Gets up briefly for a snack between 1 and 3. Then gets up again between 5 and 7. And 9 times out of 10 will go back down after that for another hour or so.

...has just started wearing cloth diapers. We are easing into them and may end up being half-hearted cloth diaper-ers this time around (you do have to change them more frequently than disposables...) But I do love how they make him adorably pear-shaped. a fan of his sisters (as they are of him) There is often something magical about papillon or Hibou's efforts to soothe him. And he smiles at them all the time.

...coos and "babbles" lots these days. And he smiles while doing it, Happy Man! adorable during tummy time. (Which happens once in a blue moon and doesn't last very long, but I'm not worried. He'll figure out that head control thing just fine)
...nurses all the time. The doctor asks if he's nursing every 2-3 hours and I say yes, cause it's at least that. Do we ever make it 3 hours between feeds...probably not except at night. But he's already an efficient eater (sometimes even 4 or 5 minutes per side and he's good); so it's very manageable and I know feedings will space themselves out nicely in time. plagued by gas. You should hear this kid toot!! Long and steady or lots of tiny toots in rapid succession. Either way it sounds terribly uncomfortable and makes him heartbreakingly screamy. Praise The Lord for gas drops!

...when he's not gassy he is the smiliest, most laid back, social baby you'd ever like to meet.  

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Oh my goodness. SO cute!!!!!!!