Renewed that zoo membership!

When our zoo membership expired in May we didn't renew it right away. I knew I wouldn't go much, if at all, while I was hugely pregnant in the summer or with a newborn. But, just a couple weeks ago, we got the itch to hit up the zoo. So off we went, with some friends, to renew our membership at the zoo. 

Posing out side te gift shop (which we've never been inside...gonna keep it that way for a while!)

Riding the tram with our friends.

Checking out the new penguin exhibit. These two were really good friends to one another this trip (they always love each other, it's just that sometimes they scream at each other!)

We decided to explore the local-animals side of the zoo this time. It was recently redone and it's lovely.

Having some lunch by the spinning climb-in terrapin shells (which are at least as old as I am, but they do have a fresh coat of paint on them now)

Petting the goats

Someone is as tall as a donkey (she asked for this picture)

Taking the tram back after a lovely visit.

I should keep tally of how many times we visit the zoo this year and see how much value this $120 membership has. Today, visit #1, officially checked in just me and the kids.

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