5 Months

So I am a few days late with the 5 month post.
Papillon turned 5 months this past Friday.

Here she is with Snoopy.

She now weighs an even 14 lbs.

That means that over all, she is up 5 lbs from her birth weight. 5 lbs in 5 lbs. Not too shabby considering her slow start.
Papillon does have a friend, though, who is 2 months old, started at 7 lbs, and is already 14 lbs 2 oz. She's even 100% breastfed. Crazy.
However, being an averagely growing baby, we get a lot more life out of our clothes. Its funny though to see two babies the same size at such vastly different developmental milestones.

Papillon at 5 months....

....goes to bed at 8 ish. Gets up at 7 ish. Waking once or twice at night for a snack. I totally believe she could do the whole night without a snack if I made her. But, call me crazy, I still enjoy our quiet midnight snuggle times.

....typically takes 3 naps a day. Usually (hopefully) one long one (1.5 - 2 hours), and 2 short ones (45 ish minutes).

...no longer naps in the sling as easily. At home she is usually quite exhausted by 8pm. And before when we would be out in the evening, she would sleep in the sling once it got past 8. But these days there is obviously too much to see and do. She will happily (mostly) stay up till 9 or 10 if there are people to watch and listen too.

...eats every 3 - 4 hours. Still 100% nursing. Solid foods to be introduced post-Christmas. Who wants to pack baby food for holiday travels if they dont have to?

....rolls over more often. Still mostly just from front to back.

....sits up quite securely with the help of the boppy.

....grabs at everything. Her little hand movements are the cutest. She picks something up and turns it over and over, concentrating on it very hard.

...wears all 3-6 month clothes. The 0-3s have finally officially been put away.

.....has hair that is growing like a weed. And it prefers to stick straight up.

....has discovered that fake coughing is fun. Its hillarious. This just started this past weekend. She will cough once, maybe for real, and then smile and keep coughing. I am trying very hard to capture it on video....and will post it as soon as I am successful.

Over all she is a very chill baby.
My mom friends from church tell me that if they could be guaranteed a baby like Papillon they would totally have another one. And I totally consider myself blessed, she really is a great baby....

...and adorable on top of that.

5 months is such a fun age.
I love it.


Adrian and Meredith said...

They told me that 5-10ish months is the "honeymoon stage" for babies, where they are the most fun, and they were right. It's a lovely time; enjoy it.

lindsay said...

Oh, I so miss those days already! Enjoy your time now while she's less mobile and not so independent. It sneaks up so fast, before you know if she'll be crawling and getting into everything.

Becka said...

adorable! she's getting so big.
i posted a followup picture of the snowglobe as todays picture! it thawed out just fine.