Adjusting to her Baby Sister

Papillon loves her Baby Sister. And is very good with her, considering she is just 20 months old. She loves to give her kisses, and hugs.  She always informs me when she hears Hibou poop (she's a loud pooper. haha). She is generally very gentle.  And asks about "Baby" every morning when she gets up. 

It's very sweet. 

But, it seems the adjustment is not all sunshine and flowers for Papillon.   We know she is still working on adapting to the new family addition, cause our little Worlds-Best-Sleeper, has finally hit a sleeping snag. 

For weeks she had been sleeping in her big girl bed without any troubles or fusses.  But, suddenly, she has decided she prefers to sleep by the door.  Her face, and fingers, peeking out from under the door.
She doesn't generally fuss. And she still largely sleeps through the night (though I do hear her wake up briefly from time to time. I am sure she can't be comfy!).  But I feel bad, cause I suspect she feels she is missing out on something.

I am not sure how to fix this. I am not sure it needs fixing.  Its sad, but cute.  And really, all things considered, a pretty minor way to "act out" in response to the new baby.

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