End of Summer Tradition

Once again, it's the end of the summer. And so, once again, it was time for a fancy date with my Sister and my Faux Sister. 

Tradidtional pre-food photo shoot.

I clearly missed the sunglasses memo.

Our traditional venue. This is our....6th? 7th? year running. And they never disappoint in the deliciousness-department.


Chocolate Cherry Maritni!

How delicious does this food look?!  Spinach Artichoke Dip, Firecracker Shrimp and a "Crab Stack"

But, the real reason we come here is for this...
Dessert! Mud Pie (above) and Hot Lava Cake (below)

This is a first...we actually managed to take a picture of the desserts before we dove in.

Every year we make predictions about the upcoming year. Some more ambitious than others (last year they predicted that this year I would be able to have a fun drink...in '09 I suspected I was pregnant, in '10 I had a tiny one to nurse, and in '11 I was pregnant again, so I had been a while.  They were right - Hibou is old enough that I wasn't worried about the effects of 1 drink.  Yay for predictions coming true!) A lot of times we are right. Some times we are not.  But its still a ton of fun!

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