Pre-Vacation, Vacation

Our most recent vacation involved a fair amount of pre-vacation. The primary part of the vacation was a trip to Maine.  Prior to that we did a little stay-cation, followed by a trip to see Mon Amour's parents.  (why did we drive 3 hours south before driving 18 hours north? It's hard to say, I am still trying to work that one out)

Anyway, a few fun adventures from our pre-road trip, destination. 

Papillon taking very good care of Hibou's doll "Dollie"  Tangent, we have 3 dolls (of significance) in this house, "Baby Doll", "Dollie" and "Molly".  They are hard to keep straight.

To complicate the doll situation, this little cutie pie is still often just referred to as "baby".... 

....or "Slobber Monkey" as they case may be.

Sisters, watchin' a little "'Tasha" together.

Just for kicks, in case we weren't already spending enough time in the car on this trip, we decided to drive an additional hour south of Mon Amour's parents' house to meet up with a good friend of Mon Amour.   We met his fiancee, had a little dinner, walked around a cool pedestrian road/market/place and had a lovely time.    They have a "free speech" chalk board in this town where you can just draw whatever you are thinking or whatever message you want to communicate to the world.  Papillon added a few "smiley faces" to the mix.

Papillon's soap box of choice: Smiles.

All good get-togethers end with ice cream. This outing was no exception. Eating ice cream was also a delightful time to play pass-the-baby.  Who can resist spending some time with little sweet natured Hibou!

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