In the Navy Now

Officially my Little Brother has been in the Navy for about 2 years now, but he was in a degree completion program that meant that he went to school like a normal kid, and occasionally had to check in with the Navy for a little fitness test.

As of last month, however, he is officially, officially, in the Navy. He is at OCS (boot camp for officers) at the moment.  Before he left, we got together with him for a little send off dinner. 

Papillon at dinner...

After dinner we tried to find a fun park in which to hang out since the weather was so nice. But, given that the weather was so nice, the park was packed!  Time for plan impromptu trip to Nannie's house which was near by.

We tried to warn Nannie that we were coming, but she wasn't home.  But, low and behold, she arrived shortly after we got there - and she had Cousin H with her!  More fun people for the party!

Goofy grin.


Only 2 months till he graduates from OCS!

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