Hibou: 6 Months, Addendum

In which I must eat my words. Remember how I said that Hibou was not at all interested in sitting up.  Well, I was mistaken. She was just waiting until she was confident that she could do it before even trying to sit. The day after I posted her 6 month post, she sat up. Just like that. I had her propped against my legs for a while, but after a minute, I pulled my legs away, so that just my toes were under her bottom, and she sat. And sat. And sat. While playing with her toy, looking around, and all around being very stable.

So, we've skipped the "monkey pose" stage (or the "tripod-ing stage" as our physical therapist calls it), and gone right to the sitting stage.

Something else that started just a little too late for the original post is that she is busting out the consonant sounds.  Lots of "baa baa baa" and "muh muh muh".  Also lots of sticking out her tongue like its a game. Fun stuff!

And lastly, her official stats:

Hibou, at her 6 month check up weighed 14lbs 4oz, and was 26.5 inches tall.   Almost exactly the same size as (and yet, oddly, technically, longer and skinnier than) her big sister at 6 months.

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