Zoo Trip

 Our most recent trip to the zoo was with quite a few fun mom-friends.  The picture below, I feel, rather accurately portrays how many of my mom-friend-get-togethers look.  Lots of kids needing to be held, lots of (empty) strollers to be pushed, lots of moms having fun, but counting down the moments until nap time.  It's good times.

I think they were all looking at the buzzards or some other, equally unattractive zoo bird. 

Just watching. 
 Hibou was a champion on this zoo visit - she slept, like this, pretty much the whole time.
 Papillon pushed the stroller for me much of the way.
 She's awake! Sort of...
 Eating lunch with a friend.
 It was a sleepy day at the zoo. Not only was the leopard sleeping in a tree, all of the apes were sound asleep - all of them!  Apparently napping is a communal thing.
Random story from this zoo visit: I almost ate a stink bug. Yick. As we were leaving the Monkey House, I was telling some kind of story, and when my mouth was open, a stink bug flew straight in. I reacted violetly, throwing my head forward to spit it out. I managed to spit it out onto Hibou (who was in the Ergo of course), but not without klonking her on the forehead with my teeth.  So now Hibou is screaming, I am freaking out cause I just had a bug in my mouth, and said bug is on Hibou's neck and I can't figure out how to get it out from between us with out much embarrassing jumping around.   Meanwhile, the other moms that I was walking with had no idea what just happened; how is it we went from a pleasant everyday anecdote to a screaming baby and a spastic mom so unexpectedly?  A stink bug. In the mouth. That's how.
With the exception of the bug-incident. It was a lovely, lovely visit to the zoo. The weather, the company and the animals could not have been any more pleasant.

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