Peanut Sized Papillon

I was very optimistic about Papillon's weight going in to her 1 year check up. If you remember, I was hopeful we had hit the 20lb mark. To me she looked chubbier, felt heavier, and, heavens, she certainly eats enough food.

On top of that, if you ask her how big she is, she confidently replies that she is "Soooo big". (as evidenced below.)

But, the scales do not lie.

Papillon has not yet doubled her birth weight.

Her official 1-year weight was 17lbs 11 ounces.

The "5th-10th" percentile. Which is code for "just barely on the chart"

Half a pound from that doubling point, and more than 2 lbs away from the most impressive 20lbs.

My Papillon is tiny. And I love her that way.

I was more than a little surprised that she wasn't bigger. If for no other reason than the fact that we have been giving her formula fairly regularly on nights that I work, and I thought that would pack on at least a couple pounds. I was actually prepared to feel like a failure when she was chubby, cause that would mean that the culprit for her smallness was my own milk. But no, apparently formula is no more fattening. Our kid just has a super-high metabolism.

Here she is debating whether or not she should eat yet another handful of peas. Note the mohawk hair...made possible by sticky foods that she rubbed into it.

Combine her naturally high metabolism with her activity level - she loves to speed-crawl in circles around the house, climb the steps, and adores swimming - Papillon is evidence that a healthy diet (fruits veggies and lean protein) combined with exercise, is an effective way to control one's weight.
Those of us trying to stay fit and trim should take note, but...

....babies trying to develop those cute fat rolls than many babies have...

...should add butter.

Those are the doctors orders. His words exactly "Don't skimp on calories. Feed her butter and milkshakes." By her 15 month appointment she needs to have not dropped any more percentiles. In fact, getting back up to the 10th percentile would probably be good. The doctor said that it wasn't a crisis, but it was definitely a red flag and needs to be watched. Petite babies are fine, as long as they are petite for healthy reasons.

So, for the next three months we will be on mission fatten-up-the-Papillon. The trick will be finding a balance between fattening her up, and making her addicted to fattening foods....we don't want to create a child who will only eat veggies if they are covered in butter. It will be a fine line, and if any one knows any healthy-fattening foods (doctor mentioned avacados) I would love to hear your suggestions.

In the mean time, did you hear that, Papillon? That means whole milk, butter, avacados, starches, cheese and milk shakes. It's gonna be tasty times.

Coincidentally, right after her appointment we dropped Papillon off at my parents for the weekend (first overnight away from mommy....and it was for 2 nights!!) so we could go away for our anniversary. What better place to start a fattening-you-up campaign that at the grandparents' house....the grandparents that own a bakery nonetheless!

On a different note, she is officially 30" tall. 2.5 feet. We call that 90th percentile for height. She is as long and lean as they come. One day she will love this...until then, it's butter and milkshakes all the way!


Beth Anne said...

Avocados are great, cheese, yogurt, and milk have the high fat content. And now she can try peanut butter too! Emma lives off of PB some days.

She is so tall! I'm sure that's a big part of hr weight being lower than you thought.

Adrian and Meredith said...

Olive oil and flaxseed (oil or ground up) are great. Mix them in some of that lovely whole-milk yogurt. They're healthy omega 3 fats. Also, maybe try introducing her to seafood. Tuna and salmon both have lots of good fats and both come canned and fairly cheap. Tuna only once a week, though, b/c of mercury. Mix with a little mayo for bonus points. Speaking of mayo, egg yolks are fatty and fantastic. (Can you tell we did this very same diet once upon a time?) :-P