Hibou 14 months, Papillon 34 months

Now that they are practically 15 and 35 months, I guess I'll post these photo shoot pictures from last month. I intended to include some details about milestones for each of them, what they are doing and all that. But I'll just hit the highlights. 

Papillon and Hibou love to play. They are hilarious together.



Classic Sisters.


Hibou is officially weaned. She started biting and stopped actually eating, and I decided not to force it.  We were all done as of May 13.  14+ months of largely uncomplicated, delightful breastfeeding. I consider that a success.

Hibou likes to chill. She is always reclining. She also hates sitting on the floor. She must always sit on top of something - a chair, pillow, toybox, etc.  And no, she doesn't walk yet. She headstand-crawls. Climbs on everything (including up the steps). Crawls for real occasionally. But generally prefers the scootch.  Her pants are becoming very threadbare in the bum.

Hibou loves babies.  Hugs, kisses. Putting them to bed. She loves them.

Is a goofball extraordinaire. Generally pretty chill, she has a fiery personality underneath. She has terrified a number of children 2 and 3 times her age with her scream. We are working on teaching her other ways to express herself...

Hibou has a few words. Momma is used correctly. Dada means anyone else she is excited to see. Ball, Book and Baby all sound roughly the same and are hard to pick out, out of context. But she clearly has a 'word' for each of these.  She is hit or miss with a few animal sounds.  "Woof woof" is pretty cute. But the best is when you can get her to make a tiger sound. She does a really good growl.

Papillon is almost 3...and it's very apparent. She is increasingly strong-willed and devious. But she is also more helpful and 'grown up'.  She is just as sensitive as ever, the slightest thing can cause a meltdown. Particularly being laughed at. And she can tell when you are being sarcastic towards her...and she hates it.

She is very articulate and talks all the time. In her words, she likes "pink and purple. and kittens. and princesses"  Yes. She is 100% girl. If I let her, she would wear her Easter Dress every day of her life.  As a compromise, she'll begrudgingly accept any pink dress.
Papillon loves to dance. Her dances are remarkably elaborate and impressively fitting for each song.   She can't wait to turn three, at which point she can take "Ballet class, bike lessons, and drive the car".   Hopefully the first two activities will outway the disappointment of not actually being old enough for the third...

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Such great girls ... such great times!