Race Horses and Sunrise

Last year, thanks to a local friend's blog, we learned that the local racetrack does some really cool behind the scenes tours in the days leading up to their biggest race of the year.  You have to get up early (it's called Sunrise at the Race Track), but it is worth it!   It's not an overly formal tour, but they do serve breakfast, and while you wait for your tour, you can sit right by the track and watch the horses practice. You are so close to the track, it's amazing!  And it's all free - parking, breakfast, tour, all of it! We like free fun. 

In addition to the race horses, you could meet a few police horses (who I believe are horses retired from racing)  Papillon was excited, but tentative. Hibou wanted the horses to lick her fingers again and again!


Group photo as we left. It was all of 8:30am when we left! (my mom came with us, i wasn't going to do this early morning adventure alone!)

A race horse! "Goldenscents" I believe.

I forget which horse this is, but look how close we are!

A clydesdale! They are not as fast as the race horses...

Checking out the racing horse shoes. They were very light weight!

"It's my lucky day" was getting a bath.

Pre-tour breakfast.


We are definitely hoping to go again next year. Perhaps Mon Amour will be in town next year and can go with us!

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Eliz. K said...

We want to join you all next year too!! :-)