Hibou: 15 Months

I didn't get around to an official photo shoot this month, but here is my little 15 month old who loves nothing more than to sit in kid-sized chairs and do...whatever. Doesn't matter, as long as she is sitting in a chair. Truly it is her favorite thing.


Hibou at 15 months....

...weights 19lbs 14 oz, and is 30 inches long. 

...takes just 1 nap a day (generally), and then sleeps from 7:30ish until 7ish. 

...is a bit of a picky eater. Sometimes she loves eggs, some times she won't touch them. Same with most foods. Except fruits...she will eat all fruits, all the time. Oh, and 99% of the time she is ok with yogurt.


...has a few words. Mama. Dada. Occasionally "book".  Uses the baby signs for "please" and "more" very effectively.  Also can occasionally be convinced to make some animals sounds (Tiger, fish, dog, and even once she did a full on "meow"), but only when she's in the mood.  (did I mention she is strong willed??)

...can tell you where her tummy, head, teeth, and sometimes ears, are.

...loves babies. And adores giving kisses.


....is a goofball. Frequently does things simply cause she knows they are funny. Faking you out with a kiss. That kind of thing.

...doesn't walk yet. Goof.  She still prefers the scootch. Sometimes she crawls. She often climbs on things (like the coffee table). Until last week, if you tried to help her walk, she would pull her feet up into the air, and then scream at you. She was totally not interested. Then one day, Mon Amour, being persistent about such things, attempted to give her a hand with walking, and she was ok with it. They invented a chase-Papillon game that both girls love, and now Hibou is generally ok with you helping her walk by holding both her hands. Eventually she may let go....maybe...

And, just for fun, a cute picture of Papillon. They both love babies so much which is a very good thing. More on that later. 

Love you both muchly!

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