Mother's Day and a Birthday

My Birthday and Mother's Day always end up pretty close. This year, Mon Amour was out of the country for both. :-(  But thanks to my amazing friends and family, it was a lovely season of celebrations.  I feel oddly old when I say this - but it was probably my best Birthday yet! 

It also made me feel old when my mom opted to only put one candle on my cake - since 27 candles was a little excessive. Only 1 year olds and old folks have just 1 candle on their cake! Haha.  My church small group remedied the situation and actually put 27 candles on a pan of brownies they had made for me. 

Celebrations from that week included....

...dinner and Maple Cake with Cream Cheese frosting at a friends' house!  Papillon and friends helped with the sprinkles.


My caking making friend adding the chocolate lettering - under close supervision!

....a celebration (of Mother's Day and my Birthday) with my family. Nana, Hibou, Aunt Mimi, Nannie, Me, Papillon.

1 Candle. And tasty cheesecakes.

The Saturday before Mother's Day (Hibou having been newly weaned - huzzah!) I dropped the girls off with my parents to spend the night and give me some time all by myself!  But first we had some Popsicles.

And played some games with Nannie.

Between the time off from the kiddos, the cheesecake, maple cake and brownies, the birthday singing (x3!), and all kinds of texts, voicemails, and FB messages, it was a fabulous, fabulous birthday/Mother's Day.

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