Fine Arts Festival

Last weekend we went on a mini road trip to visit these friends and their adorable new little baby! It was the Little Baby's First Big Outing! And also his first time in the sling - yay for babywearing!

We went to a nearby Fall Fine Arts Festival. The weather was absolutely perfect for it! And there were lots of fun vendors and music and tasty treats.  There were also Papillon-sized chairs!

 And the highlight of the show was this glass pumpkin patch! Each pumpkin is a little different and there were tons to chose from!  Big ones, little ones, orange ones, uniquely colored ones, etc.  It was pretty nifty.

Papillon totally embraced her almost-walking skills a lot. She walked (holding our hands) for a really really long ways. She doesn't make very good time, but when you are browsing different art booths, toddler-speed is just about right.  See how hard she concentrates when walking (note the tongue sticking out)

We got to see how they make the pumpkins - its a pretty elaborate process!

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Adrian and Meredith said...

Sigh. You think your child is so little until you see him/her next to an actual newborn, when you realize that he/she is in fact a giant. Makes me want my own newborn. ;-)