Tickling the Baby

Lately we have been seizing every opportunity to let Papillon play with babies younger than she.  Got to get some good practice in before her little sibling arrives.  She has developed a bit of a jealous streak when it comes to me holding other babies, but as long as they are not sitting on my lap, she generally finds little ones to be lots of fun. 

We recently had a little friend over, and I showed Papillon how she could tickle him (Papillon is a big fan of tickling herself and others).  She thought it was hilarious. She tickled him once, but then couldn't manage to do it again cause she would reach out to tickle and burst into fits of laughter that would interupt the actual tickling process.

I managed to get one good photo of the interaction.

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Beth Anne said...

So cute! Tickling is a favorite around here...I can tickle Emma into fits of laughter without actually touching her!