15 Months

Yesterday my little Papillon turned 15 months old.
It was very tricky to get a picture of her with Snoopy this time - she would not sit still for one moment unless she was sitting on my lap, which is not conducive to taking pictures.

This one is what was like to call Classic Papillon:
A funny little serious face that just totally captures her personality. If only she hadn't knocked Snoopy over. Oh well.

Despite a more accurate size comparison, it's clear (I think) that she has grown a lot since last month. We haven't had her official 15 month appt yet, but a recently appointment put her at significantly over 21 lbs! That is progress!
And just for fun...look at one year ago when she was just three months!

At 15 months, Papillon...

...loves her sleep. For a solid 2 weeks she was getting up after 9am everyday, sometimes as late as 10am. Growth spurt perhaps? It was lovely. Now she is back to getting up a little earlier, but she is perfectly content to play in her crib by herself for a long time. Somtimes as much as an hour. This is very indicative of her personality - very laid back, go with the flow, come get me whenever, kind of baby.

....is officially down to one nap. It starts at 1 or 2pm and ends at 3:30 or 4pm. It's been an adjustment not having two nap time sin which it get stuff done, but it's also been nice to have the whole morning to be out and about without worrying about Papillon being crabby and in need of a nap.

...has stalled at just 8 teeth. No signs of anything new. No molars. No nothing. Just 4 on the top, 4 on the bottom.

....eats most anything if you are persistent. Anything she does not recognize gets refused right off the bat, but if you hide it initially (in yogurt, or on bread or something) she will eventually eat it without the disguise. Favorite foods are still bananas, grapes, any bread products, peanut butter, and ice cream. Certain vegetables and all chicken, requires more disguising than most other foods.

....still mostly just says "Hi" and "this" and "that" (used to add emphasis when pointing to something). She makes tons of sounds though. When reading her Dr Seuss alphabet book, she often pulls out an awesome "Zzzz" sound. Her favorite page in that book is the "Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz" page!

....loves to give kisses. She will give kisses to most anyone that she recognizes. And also to all her stuffed animals and some other random objects as well. (reportedly she kissed an Xbox controller the other day. haha). She puckers up by sucking in her top lip and makes a great kissing noise. Generally if she gives you one kiss she will give you 3 or 4. And while she is very generous with her kisses, she does refuse you sometimes. Mostly she refuses Mon Amour, I think she thinks its a game. Cause she will lean in for a kiss, then when he gets close, she pulls her head away and shakes her head vigorously while smiling ridiculously. Getting a picture of the kissing face is tough, this is the best we could do.

...is walking! We have known for a long time that she could walk, she just didn't want to let go of our hand. But finally yesterday, she found her confidence! She still crawls and holds on to the wall when possible. But if the shortest distance between her and the thing she wants is across the middle of the room, she just takes off! I am a happy momma. Will this make life busier? Probably. But really, Papillon has been dying to walk for a long time now and when she wasn't confident about it she would stand holding on to something and just fuss until I came over and gave her my hand. So, life will be more fast paced from now on, but I will totally take it! Sorry for the sideways-ness of the video...one day I will learn to hold the camera the right way for videos...

....loves books, Marge, taking walks, and hanging out with friends of any age.

...and just for fun, here is a video of her with a toy she rediscovered yesterday. For the first time she figured out how to stack the circle on the post, and she loved it. Over the course of the day she stacked and dumped and stacked again for probably well over an hour.

Happy 15 Months Papillon!
You are more and more fun every day and I love love love being your mom and watching you learn and play and grow every day! I never get tired of it.


Beth Anne said...

That video is so cute! She and Will are going to have so much fun chasing each other around. I love reading the Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz page too!

Eliz. K said...

She is adorable and beautiful. And I love the Dr Suess Alphabet Book too! :-D