Waking Up

Papillon loves her sleep, but she also loves playing with her stuffed animals when she awakes. The following are three videos of our wake-up routine.  I used to just go in, she would be excited and reach for me to pick her up right away.  Now she does NOT want me to pick her up right away, she wants me to hand her more stuffed animals so she can kiss them all, give a few of them hugs, and generally just have crazy fun times in her crib before she will let me get her out of bed.  All three of these videos are from the same wake-up sequence.  We generally play like this for 10-15 minutes in the morning and after a nap.  It's a nice excuse for me to just sit and relax! 

There is a lot of footage in the following three videos, so I understand if you don't watch them all. But they are super sweet, and you should look out for her sweet puckered-lip kissing face and her adorable hugging and crazy enthusiasm. It's super cute.