Laid Back

 We have become a bit more laid back in our photo-taking of late. I find that I don't pull out the camera unless it is a "special occasion".   (I fear there will be a lot less pictures of our second child...but, such is life).   But some times there are some every day moments that need capturing, at which point I am thankful for my phone-camera. 
Here are some random everyday-type pictures.

Here she is just chillaxin on the kitchen floor reading a blank notebook. She was intrigued by the totally blank pages for full minutes! Silly kid.

Sleeping!  So cute. Have I mentioned that she consistently sleeps past 9am every day? Yes, she is that awesome.

Taken a walk with Grandpa on a pretty day.


Emily said...

I'm finding it way harder to take pictures at this point, because Joel barely ever sits still. By the time I find my camera and get it ready, he's on the I totally understand about taking less pictures! Also, I am super jealous that she sleeps in that late! Joel is up by 6am almost every day..6:40 is sleeping in for us=)

Beth Anne said...

I hope she keeps sleeping in! Thats awesome! Emma was so great about sleeping passed 9 for a long time, and now both of them are total early birds. Whew!