16 Months

 Yesterday, Papillon turned 16 months old...and she loves books! 
But I have shared that before...it just so happened this time it was the only way to get her to hold remotely still for her Snoopy-photo. 

At 16 months, Papillon....

....goes to bed around 7:30 and gets up anywhere from 7:30am til 9am. With the occasional 9:30am slipped in!  

...takes 1 nap. Usually 1:30 - 4pm.  

 ....has started saying more words. At her 15 month doctor's appointment, I had to confess that she only really said one word ("Hi"), but the week following that appointment she added a bunch of new words to her vocabulary!  She says Hi, Eyes, Hot, Hat, Stuck, Yuck, Duck, Help, Elephant (usually with just 2 syllables, but there were 3 full syllables one time!), Mouth, Shoes, and a few other things said with varying clarity.

...is learning some body parts. She knows eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, tummy, hands, and feet. She can find them on other people, or stuffed animals or pictures. She is not super-good and finding them on herself, but she is getting there.
 ...is working on more teeth. Or at least one more - one on the top right. As always, it is coming in slowly and not causing us too much trouble.  Slow and steady wins the race for this kiddo.
 ...is incredibly affectionate and loving. But I have concluded that she is a definite introvert.  We have been all over the place lately, visiting friends, and staying with people while Mon Amour is out of town, and the poor kid just got totally overwhelmed. At one point we left one friends house, and I think she thought we were going home, cause when we arrive at another friend's house she gave me a look that could kill and then hid her face on my shoulder. After that trip was over, we came home and I didn't think she would nap because she had slept in the car, but I put her in her crib anyway. And she was just so happy to be home and alone, that she just sat and played for 1.5 hours. And afterwards she was hugely refreshed.  So yeah, she's an introvert. 

...loves her socks, shoes and coat. And necklaces. And the new bows we bought her the other day. Methinks she is all girl. 

....loves to torment Marge. We had taught her that she could push Marge away if Marge tried to eat her snacks. Now she takes her snacks over to Marge, holds them out for her, then, squeals in pretend-anger and swats and Marge's face. She is such a tease. Our dog is so patient. 

...is getting better and better at following orders. You ask her to find something for you (a book, a different book, her elephant, etc) and she can find it easily. It's amazing how much she understands! 

....is incredibly sweet and fun loving and I love her to pieces!

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Adrian and Meredith said...

I'm convinced we have an introvert, too. He got up from a nap at his grandparents' house once and had a meltdown upon finding himself someplace other than home. Once we got home, he was just fine. Maybe that's why they get along so well?