Last week marked an adventurous new first for us. Papillon had her first legitimate illness. Sure, we've been to the hospital for malnutrition, and she's had the sniffles, some yeast infections and one round of pink eye.  But really, no serious bugs. 

Until last week when we were hit by a stomach bug deluxe.  We are pretty sure that Mon Amour brought this bug back from his travels; he had a bit of bug of his own when he returned, and based on the timing and symptoms of Papillon's illness, I think we can safely blame Mon Amour. 

Symptoms included diarrhea (like whoa!), vomitting, a fever around 103, and a generally sleepy and desperately-in-need-of-snuggles-baby.   She was sick most all week, and three solid days mostly looked like this:

Adorably pathetic, isn't it?
It was tough times. Turns out that pregnant me gets very emotional about a sick child. The morning she woke up with vomit in her hair, I just fell to tears. I wanted to make it better instantly but that was not possible. All we could do was snuggle, stay on a tylenol regimen and drink lots of water. (Side note: Papillon detests Pedialyte...we even watered it down with like 6 parts water to 1 part pedialyte...she is like a pedialyte bloodhound.) 

I am pleased to report that she is nearly 100% better...I would call it 99%. I think we are just fighting some remaining weariness, and a bit of an addition to snuggles...
...despite the lack of symptoms, she has decided that snuggling all day is pretty much the best thing ever and gets more than a little whiny if you don't comply.
I am thankful for a generally very healthy kid, and also thankful for all the snuggles necessitated by this illness, but mostly thankful that the vomit-in-her-hair mornings are over....for now.

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