Mommy Daughter Date

On a recent evening home alone, Papillon and I decided to go on a little date. 

First stop, a shoe store. Papillon loves shoes. And it was a huge shoe store. So we walked around a bit, had fun times in the clearance section. Waved adorably at a few other shoe shoppers, and eventually found a fabulous pair of shoes for me. 

Next stop Panera, where things got super fun!
Papillon enjoyed her grilled cheese sandwich and said Hi to everyone who came past. She played peek a boo with the lady in the booth next to us. She was excited to recognize the dog in the painting on the wall. Laughed at everything, and was generally just hilarious fun.

Nothing is quite as delicious as a good grilled cheese.

After dinner, it was already Papillon's bed time. But we had to walk past the Petsmart to get to our car, and who can resist taking a short cut into the retail store that's as good as a zoo to a 15 month old? In we went, Papillon was unsure at first, the largeness of the store was overwhelming. Then she spotted a dog across the store. She promptly let go of my hand, screamed in delight, and took off running. It was precious. Though her choice of dog was unwise (it was huge!), so I snatched her up and headed off to find something friendlier looking. 
We admired the fish and frogs, birds and gerbils and eventually came across a nice little old lady who was more than happy to let Papillon pet and giggle over her tiny, fluffy dog. 

By the time we got home we were both thoroughly bushed, but it was possibly one of the most fun Papillon and I have had together. She is normally a lot of fun, but this was an evening full of grinning-ear-to-ear giggling-at-everything, for both of us!

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Beth Anne said...

I took Emma and Will to DSW today and Emma instantly had her boots off and was trying on heels. She loved it and I was able to look around. We'll have to take them to a shoe store together sometime!