Full Fledged Pony Tail

It's hard to tell...
...cause once I got it up, she wouldn't hold still for a picture...
...but we got it ALL up!

A full fledged pony tail with all her hair! And it stayed in until we had to go somewhere in the car (car seats do a number on hairstyles that stick straight out the back). 

People keep asking me when she is going to get her first hair cut.  The correct answer is "not for a long time". It's long, yes. Sometimes it's in her face, yes. But Mon Amour and I both want Papillon to have long hair and don't want to deal with bangs.  So I do my bestest with bows and pony tails. But there is no haircut in the works for this kiddo for now. 

Before long we'll be working on braids!

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Emily said...

She is looking so grown up! I love her ponytail!