Baby #2 is a....

It's a Girl! 

Yup, a 2nd girl for us. Papillon will have a little sister!

Here she is:

Silly little thing was squirming when we needed her to hold still and then when we needed to get a picture of her feet, she sat perfectly still, cross legged hiding her precious little toes.  We eventually got a glimpse of those sizeable tootsies! 

Everything was measuring right on track and looking perfectly healthy, weighing in at a whopping 10 oz.  Oh, and good news, unlike Papillon, the placenta is not blocking her adorable little movements so these little movements that I have been feeling should just keep increasing! 

We are pretty much set on her name, though she still needs a blog name. 

Mon Amour, who was not in the country for the big ultrasound, but he called in at just the right time. So we got to hear the big gender reveal together!  And right when Mon Amour called, our little girl put her hand up and very much appeared to be waving.  It was such fun!

Papillon did a great job sitting through the ultrasound. We asked her if she was excited about her little sister and it is debatable whether she said "oh yay" or "no way".  Only time will tell I suppose. 

  Now time to paint the our girls' room in beautiful girly colors!


Eliz. K said...

I'm definitely laughing about P's response :-D (She's getting prettier still!)

How are you painting? Please share photos, etc!

Beth Anne said...

So sweet!

Brianne and Tim said...

Ooooh, another girl is exciting! I'm so glad!