Fall Fun

On a recent visit to my parents, we took Papillon to to a Pumpkin Patch. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day.

Perfect for a hayride!

Papillon took in all the lovely sights along the way.

Despite her the hesitancy conveyed by the adorable thumb sucking, she was actually a huge fan of the hayride. When we stopped briefly, midway, she started bouncing and trying to get the drive to keep going.

We then braved the small but deceptively complex corn maze.  Clearly I missed the memo about this being our scared-face photo.
When we got home we let Papillon play with some small pumpkins. She was hesitant to touch them at first, and insisted repeatedly that they were "hot".  We eventually convinced her they were not hot, and she eventually enjoyed the fall fun.

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Adrian and Meredith said...

That thumb-sucking IS pretty adorable. :-)