Bakery Visit

When she was three and a half weeks old, Hibou made her first trip to my parents bakery.
At the time, Easter was just around the corner, and so Papillon was charged with modeling some of the seasonal goodies - like the Baby Bunnies!

Hibou had to get in on the bread-bunny modeling as well!
So tiny!

My dad had recently decided that lunch is more fun in these little red lunch baskets that he found. Papillon agreed. So we all had our lunches served up in special red baskets of fun!

As I suspected, Papillon is a little extra jealous of Hibou when it comes to Grandpa.  But somehow Grandpa managed to sneak in some special times with Hibou.

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Lauren said...

just wanted to say a belated congrats! your kiddos are so adorable, i loved reading up on all your adventures :)