Hibou Marron, 1 Month

Hard to believe, but Hibou Marron is already 1 month old!  Already she is growing up too fast! 

I think I will take her monthly pictures with her little green doll, but I wanted to include Snoopy for comparison's sake as well.  And Papillon insisted on being in the picture as well, for further comparison. 

Papillon likes to imitate Hibou - so when Hibou's feet twitched a bit, Papillon shouted "FOOT!" and shot her leg up in the air!  So fun.

The entire photo shoot was pretty fun. I got a few cute shots of the girls together. But I had to act fast cause Hibou is clearly not stable yet, and Papillon doesn't like to sit still for very long.  In this picture I asked Papillon to put her arm around Hibou and hold perfectly still....she did such a good job holding still that when I asked her to smile, she wouldn't even look up.  Nice work Papillon! 

Papillon was very good about being gentle and holding still...but we did have a few tumbles. Note the sideways blur in this one.

Papillon did not want to miss out on any of the photos, but I did manage to distract her long enough to get one or two of just Hibou.

At 1 month, Hibou...

...prefers to sleep on her side. And doesn't like to be swaddled particularly. I wrap her up, hands free, and she is a happy camper. 

...is sleeping really well at night. I usually feed her around 8:30, she goes to bed around 9 or 9:30. Gets up at 12ish, 4 ish and 7ish.   For a while she would want to stay up after the second feeding, but she seems to be getting better at figuring out that night time is for going directly back to sleep. 

...after a couple weeks of sleeping in the Pack N Play next to my bed, she is now in her own room in her crib. 

...has maybe, possibly, smiled once or twice. Hopefully the smiles will start soon! 

....doesn't mind the sling, erg or carseat. She fusses when you first put her in any one, but she settles in within a minute or two. 

...enjoys, but is not (yet) addicted to the pacifier.  We went the first 3 weeks using nursing as really the only means of comforting her. At 3 weeks, when she was definitely gaining weight, we got out the pacifier (and bouncy seat) and she is much better at using it than Papillon was.  She does also like to nibble on her hands, so she may be a natural thumb sucker like her sister. 

...as of two days ago, weighs an even 8lbs.  Woohoo!   We are by no means setting any weight gaining records, but she is definitely growing.  We will take 25 percentile for weight any day! 

...is 21.5 inches long.  50 percentile. 

It seems that the shot she received at 4 weeks really knocked her out cause she slept that whole afternoon and still slept great that night.  These pictures are the result of me trying (and failing) to wake her in order to feed her before I called it a night.
Nope. Still asleep.

I don't want to constantly be comparing Papillon and Hibou, but I can't help but think about how things were going when Papillon was one month, and we were struggling with her growth, and how we were still finding a church and so didn't have a lot of friends in this area, and so I felt like it was just me fighting through each long day.  
And then I look at what I have now.... 
Life is good. 
Life with two is much more do-able (so far) than I thought it would be. In fact, it is a ton of fun. 
Awesome friends, a baby who eats, a toddler who loves her baby sister, all help with that. 

We love you Hibou Marron!

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Beth Anne said...

Exciting and wonderful! We need to get another date on the calendar!