Tulips Gardens

Since moving to the City, I have heard lots of wonderful things about a nearby green-space with an impressive spring display of tulips.  I had seens lots of people's pictures from the gardens - amateurs and professionals alike seem to flock to this spot.  And I kept meaning to investigate it for myself, but never found the time.  Until last week when Papillon, Hibou and I met a couple friends there to just explore and enjoy the nice weather! 

A few of my favorite tulips (they have pretty much every kind imaginable!)

Piggy Back Rides!

Pretty yellow tulips!
Napping in the grass

It was such a beautiful day!

After we finished exploring, Hibou was ready for a snack. And Papillon was ready to play! Luckily our friend had brought a ball and the two of them had a blast playing "catch".  Or, as Papillon would say "I get it!" (a phrase she repeated over and over again, between fits of laughter and squeals of delight!)


Beth Anne said...

Those are some very beautiful and interesting tulips! Looks like a great place.

Year of the Tiger: An American's Chinese Adventure said...

I LOVE Sherwood Gardens.... The Gilford area is always fun to wander.... Another great hidden gem of Baltimore, a great place to bring kids is Cylburn Arboritum... it's on Greenspring AVE near the zoo and conservatory.... I always go on Northern Parkway away from Gilman, go past the 83 entrance and it's the first left after the lights and that road brings you right up to the light on greenspring where it's located