Big Sister

People said it would happen, and they were right.
As soon as Hibou arrived Papillon looked 10 times more grown up.
This picture is from just the other day, and I know she's not even 2 yet, but I am pretty sure if you gave her a back pack she would look like she was heading off to her first day of school!

Papillon is such a good big sister.  She has been practicing with the carseat buckles - she got this bunny in all by herself. 

And she is really good at trying to soothe Ingrid when she is fussy.  She gives her a hug, rubs her belly, tells her "It's ok, it's ok" and either gives her the pacifier or sticks her finger in Hibou's mouth for her to suck on  (she often sees me let Ingrid suck on my pinky). 


Eliz. K said...


Adrian and Meredith said...

Does she ever try to rock her in the car seat? Kieran hates his car seat, so pretty much every time Lyndon sees him in it, he goes over and rocks him... sometimes a little too hard. But his heart is in the right place. :-)

InDeeds said...

Yes, Papillon is the same way. Her intentions with the rocking are very sweet. But she did manage to pull the carseat over once - oops! fortunately hibou was safely buckled :-)