New Curtains

Recently, Mon Amour and I tried our hand a little house project.  House projects are not our strong point, but seriously, we thought, how hard could it be to hang some new curtains?  The answer: Don't ask, it was waaaaay more complicated than it should have been.  But, they are hung now, so life moves on. 

A few before shots:

This is not officially how the curtains worked - but just imagine that gimpy bundle of fabric at the top of the window, rather than at the bottom, and that's about what it looked like.

In other words: ugly. 
They were also impossible to raise up and down cause the home-made curtain pulls were breaking and got tangled and were over all very gimpy.  The cord then got wrapped around 2 screws just randomly stuck into the side of the windowsill.  

For extra gimpy-ness, we discovered when we removed them, that they were actually Velcro-ed to this random, unstained board that is very firmly screwed into the wall.  

The new curtains.... much nicer! They actually make the room look taller and bigger somehow.  And we have some shear curtains behind some awesome brown curtains that do a great job of blocking out the light.
It may have taken a whole day....or possible 2....but when it was all said and done, we decided it was a pretty fabulous little home project!

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