1st Ever Women's Retreat

This is a little out of order, but oh well.  At the end of last month, I attended my first ever, Women's Retreat. In the past the idea of a Women's Retreat kinda scared me...it just sounded like waaaay too many women in one place. (I worked with all women...drama!) But recent life events, and a LOT of encouragement from friends convinced me to attend my church's Women's Retreat this year. I am very glad that I went!

We stayed at a very cool little retreat center of sorts.

I tried to wean Hibou before the retreat, but she wasn't having any of it. So she came with me.  She did a great job all weekend!

Eating bananas during the talks.

Enjoying lunch with all her new friends. Hibou definitely loves people. She was happy all weekend long, as long as there were people around.

She makes friends very easily.

More snacks during the talks. She distracted a few folks with her smiles and exploring, but generally did a great job.

The take away lesson from my 1st Ever Women's Retreat was that the teaching may be fine, the food may be mediocre, and I probably could have done with out the newspaper dress making ice breaker (it was fun...just not my cup of tea)...
...but the reason to go is for the people. Uninterrupted, dedicated  fellowship and relationship building time.  That was the best part and I am very glad that I went.

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