Sheep Festival

A couple weeks ago, while Mon Amour was once again out of the country, we met up with Aunt Mimi at the local Sheep and Wool Festival.  My family went to this festival with some frequency (at least according to my memory) when I was growing up and so I was excited the take my girls for the first time.  We weren't really there to purchase any sheep or any wool (or a spinning wheel...which seems to have been what everyone else was there for).  We came to look at the animals (the sheep dogs are always fun!), to enjoy the nice weather and of course to eat some funnel cake!

Someone offered to take a picture of all of us. Methinks this is a classic - Papillon's face is skeptical as always, Hibou's clearly been stuffing her face, and I am wearing my glasses cause I was recovering from pink eye.  Aunt Mimi looks nice, though :-)


Mmm...funnel cake!

So tasty!

So many sheep!

As I was uploading these pictures, Papillon saw them and said, "Oh, that was when we went the sheep...sheep"   
"The Sheep and Wool Festival" I offered.  
"Yes! I am excited to go to the Sheep and Wool Festival with Aunt Mimi again!"

I think she was hoping we could go tomorrow. But definitely next year we'll try and go again.

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