A Bargain on Kid's Pants

I don't as post much about bargain shopping as I used to. But I still enjoy the thrill of a good bargain and last weeks haul warrants a post. 

I was returning a few things to my favorite place for clothes bargains. And since I can't resist swinging through the kids clearance even when I am only there to return something, I made a quick detour to my favorite racks, promising myself I wouldn't look for more than 5 minutes. 

At first glance I saw a pair of jeans - an unusual find on the clearance racks since they tend to not be a seasonal thing. And when wardrobe staples like that are on sale - you snatch them up. I checked the price tag...

$1.40!! What! Then I noticed 5 more pairs of pants on the same rack. Each for $1.20!! They were 3T, 4T and 1 pair of 24 months; jeans in different colors, basic sweat pants, etc. All sizes I could definitely use (if not right away, then in the near-ish future). For $1.20 a pair, I didn't think twice and I snatched up all 6 pairs.

And then I spotted this amazing dress (which is a little bit cut off in the picture). It's a 3T (Papillon's size) it's amazingly cute, comes with a hat and is made by one of the more high-end brands that this store carries.  Retail price: $40.  Clearance price $8.  Gift for Papillon's upcoming birthday - check!!


6 very practical pairs of pants and 1 amazing dress with hat - Total cost after subtracting bonus discount and adding tax: $13.00

Yeah. It made my day. I love clearance shopping.

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Beth Anne said...

Perfect! I getting a happy feeling inside when that happens :)