Uncle N and Aunt N visit

We were recently blessed by a visit from a few out-of-town family members.  They currently live a long long ways away (though they are moving closer - yay!) and so we don't get to see them often. 

Clearly, their visit warranted a trip to our favorite fast food place.


Every time we say we are going here, Papillon exclaims "And get ICE CREAM! *pause* First i eat ALL my chicken, and my french fries, and my juice box".  And every single time, she finishes her whole dinner. Ice cream is a great motivator.

Hibou generally enjoys a fruit cup and some french fries. Chicken is not her thing.

While they visited, Papilon was spoiled with tons and tons of book reading.

And we also ventured to the zoo! Our first trip of the season! It was a little cold...even though it was April.

Hibou was super bushed and fought sleep the whole way through the zoo...until the last few minutes when she finally konked out.

Perhaps the highlight of this particular zoo trip was the polar bears. It must have been just cold enough for them...

Usually they just kind of hang out, sleep and generally be lethargic. This time though, they were walking around and one went swimming and was totally showing off his back flips and such. He would swim backwards across the top of the water, turn to look at the spectators for a moment, then dive down and swim back across the bottom. He did this over and over and over again. It was highly entertaining.

Thanks for visiting, Uncle N and Aunt N. We can't wait to have you live a little closer!

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