The Swimsuit Struggle

Being the mother of girls, I knew that some day the issue of swimsuits and modesty would become an issue. It's a struggle to balance modesty, functionality and fashion.  I didn't realize that it would begin so early!  

Before we went on vacation last month, we needed to find swimsuits for the girls. We have lots of hand me down suits, so I didn't think it would be tricky.  Hibou's was easy.  Papillon's was a challenge!  They all happen fit weird - too tight, too low, too bulgy. 

Of the 7 or 8 suits that we tried on this was the only one really deemed wearable at this stage.

Cause the rest looked like this. Cute midriff!

Too bulgy! And apparently potty trained too early; this one has a built in diaper that is totally unnecessary and ridiculous looking.


Papillon had a lot of fun trying things on and we are glad that we found one that works. Swimsuits only get more complicated from here, right?

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