Kansas Vacation: Epic Park

Perhaps you recall from 2 years ago, when I posted about the Playground of Awesomeness.    Well, it's still there and it's still awesome! Perhaps even more awesome now that we have two little ones to enjoy it!

Also, this year, we got to experience the Merry Go Round. It costs 5 cents per person. Yup. 5 cents. deal of a century!

We also rode the miniature train ride. That cost 50 cents.  Yup. For $2.20 we all rode two perfectly delightful rides. For $1 per person more we could have played a full round of mini golf!  I don't know what cost of living is like in Kansas (sales tax is 9% though, yikes!) but their cost of entertainment is spot-on!


Check out the steepness of this slide! Good thing it is enclosed.

Hibou is out little thrill seeker. She loved all the rides we would let her on.

Papillon was more cautious, but willing to try it since her older "cousin" was so excited about it.

Oh, and did I forget to mention, in addition to the Merry Go Round, Train Ride and Mini Golf, there is also a full fledged (ok, it's a little gimpy, but still legit!) Zoo attached to this park. And it's FREE! 

How many turtles do you see in this picture. Look closely, they are actually completely lining the island!

Checking out the wild bird observation area.

Peacocks, up close and personal!

I forget what this was called...

This swan was fairly aggressive...apparently he was used to being fed.

They also have a fox, some spider monkeys, some donkeys, some elk, some emus, and all kinds of other exotic and less exotic creatures.

More coolness connected to the zoo/park.



All that fun meant it was time to grab a nap where ever you could...

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