Call it a Victory

Papillon has been a thumb sucker since basically the day she was born. At some point (maybe 18 months) she became a thumb-sucker-nose-picker.  We've tried to discourage it for years (which it seems is exactly the wrong way to handle such a habit. Oops)

But we decided to give it a conserted  effort to knock out the habit. I did lot I reading and decided to use all the tools I could find all at once.  So we had special thumbs-only band aids... nail polish, gum, lollipops, a penny reward jar where she was saving up for the ultimate trophy. Papillon totally owned it! She worked really hard for two weeks before she received her hard earned prize. 
The original plan was an Elsa dress, but when the moment came she picked Sleeping Beauty.
It's been about 4 weeks now since we started this venture and the habit is certainly not gone. Her thumb slips in when she's tired and distracted. And she still sucks her thumb at night. But it is sooooo much better than it was. And I am very proud of her. And I think she is proud of herself.

We have a sticker chart to keep the incentive up and I am optimistic that before long the day time habit will be gone. Eventually we will address the nighttime part.

For now I am a proud momma and we are calling it a victory!

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