So much support

Mon Amour is back to traveling quite a bit, and while I feel like I've adjusted pretty well to parenting all three kids while he is away, I've realized that, more so than even before, I am very dependent on the help and support of others. For those long days, where I just need to talk to a grown-up, or when I need my kids to talk to a grown up that is not me, or when I can't find the motivation to make dinner for just myself and my kids (who may or may not actually eat what I fix), or when the house is simultaneously too crowded and too lonely, I am hugely grateful for all the support I receive from friends and family.

Here's a smattering of pictures of our adventures from Mon Amour's most recent trip.

Nana and Triton. (At Chick Fil A, obviously. We are there a lot when Mon Amour is away)

Helping Aunt Mimi walk Zelda.

Reading with Miss B.

Sharing a sandbox with friends after a sleepover.

And so many more helpers and encouragers who are not pictured!

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