Two pumpkin patches in two days

It's pumpkin patch season and we seem to have two pumpkin patches that we like, both of which are becoming traditional. This year we happened to do them both back to back.

First - Dick and Jane's farm (yes, run by married couple, Dick and Jane!) This place is adorable. It's never been busy when we've been. The hayride is on-demand which means this time when we said we wanted a hayride, Jane (of "Dick and Jane") hopped onto her gator and drove to the barn to bring out the hayride tractor just for us. A personal hayride! We love this place. They also have a corn maze (which is small but has just enough twists and turns to feel legit) and a (modestly sized) mountain of hay bales to climb on.

Apparently it was a fantastic year for growing pumpkins so there were lots of fantastic ones to pick from.

Hayride time!

Corn maize!

Team work

Riding home with pumpkins on our heads.

Our second pumpkin patch was one very close to our house. Weber's Cider Mill. This one also has a hayride - shorter l then the other but still a fun little loop. And this one also has a bunch of fun fall activities to enjoy while you are there. Oh and they also have apple cider donuts-yum!

Hayride with our friend (papillon walked into a rose bush - literally - and got a scratch. The bandaid makes it seem MUCH worse than it was. Ha)

Mini tractor rides

It was a beautiful fall day

The big pumpkins!

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