Triton : 3 months

Quick! Before this Little Man turns 4 months, let me get some notes down about his 3rd month!

For comparison, here is Hibou at 3 months and Papillon at 3 months.

Triton and his Big Sisters. (Who still adore him. Though Papillon has taken to holding her ears when he cries. haha)

At 3 months, Triton....

....weighs approximate 14lbs.  And wears 3-6 or 6 month size clothes. Still not a super-chub, but definitely long and decidedly bigger than his sisters at this age.

...goes to bed between 8 and 9pm. Wakes up once or twice for a snack before getting up for the day around 7am.  Sometimes a case of gas bubbles will make it hard for him to settle down, but he works it out eventually. 

....sleeps in our bedroom in his pack n play.  Though it may be time to find him a comfier mattress than just the Pack N Play one...

...loves his pacifier! When he's tired and fighting it, often the pacifier works like magic in helping him fall asleep. It's a beautiful thing.

...smiles a ton.

...seems to be starting to grab things. He clasps his hands a lot. Grabs at his pacifier and holds onto fingers when offered.  The girls think he's very talented! a major finger-sucker. He is constantly munching on his fist and fingers. totally chill (unless he's working out some which case, yikes!), and loves to be around people. He's started to show signs of being unable to sleep when people are around. Perhaps it's time to work on actual crib-napping. Maybe....  In the mean time, he still sling-naps, bouncy seat naps, naps on my lap, the sofa, the car (though often I marvel at how long he stays awake in the car, despite the soothing motion). Wherever.

I love the time that Triton and I have in the evenings after the Girls have gone to bed and he and I can just play for a bit.  Oh and he loves being naked. :-)

He loves bath time, though he is getting to long for his little tub. Might be time to bathe in the big tub soon!

Most of the time I think he looks like Papillon, but then I think his face may be a little rounder and his hair is a little lighter, so perhaps he looks like Hibou. Truly he looks like himself, I suppose, but as many people have said "he's definitely related".

We love you Triton!

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