14 Months

Today Papillon turned 14 months old.  And even though she doesn't officially walk (part of the definition of a toddler I believe), she is acting more and more like a toddler. 

I tried to get her picture with Snoopy right before bed and even though it was a solid hour before her "normal" bedtime, she was ssuuuuuper tired. Making her suuuuper punchy. Hyper one minute, crabby and whiny the next.  So we had to act fast.  I tried to distract her with the musical yellowfinch...which she tried to eat.

I thought perhaps she would read Snoopy a book and thereby hold still for a second...she did hold still...for literally a second. 

Then she wanted a new book. 
 In fact she wanted a new book so badly, that while I was trying to take her picture, she decides to take 4 un-aided steps and then stands infront of me without support and completely stable!  What!?! Literally for weeks we have been encouraging this child to move, to just let go and walk. And nothing.  Then, the one time I want her to sit still, she walks.  We'll see if it's a fluke, or truly the beginning of something.

Anyway, here she is with Snoopy. 

At 14 months...
...Papillon is very nearly a one-nap kid. But she hasn't picked a time, or a length for it.  Sometimes it's a 1.5 hour afternoon nap. Sometimes it's a 3 hour morning nap. Sometimes its a 1 hour morning nap, followed by a 20 minute nap-in-the-car-so-that-she-is-not-ridiculously-whiny-at-dinner nap.   This makes her bed time a bit flexible as well. More often than not its 8pm.  Today however, it was 6:45 and it was like pulling teeth to make it that late.

...decided it was time to grow some more teeth. Or rather, one more tooth. We now have 7 full fledged teeth and an 8th slowly coming through. No signs of molars and such. 

....is more particular about what she eats.  She loves all things carbs and dairy. Fruits are generally winners.  Veggies and meat....those are a bit trickier. But generally if you hide them in yogurt (gross, I know) she will eat anything. 

....walks holding onto someone's hand. Just one hand. And not really for a lot of support. We are convinced (as evidenced by tonight's photo shoot) that she CAN walk. She just chooses not to. As she did with rolling over, if you remember. 
....still mostly just says "Hi".  She will mimic just about any sound, but has not attached any other verbal words to actual meanings yet.  Her sign vocabulary has stayed about the same since last month. 

.....is a very social kid. She loves other kids. Loves playing with just about anyone (though it does take her a while to warm up to new people. 

...gives hugs and kisses.  And not open-mouth-baby-kisses.  Full on the lips, puckered up with kissing sound, type kisses.  It's super sweet. She will even come up to me and give me kisses unprompted sometimes.  Such moments melt a mommy's heart. 

....has reached a phase where she loves to torment Marge. Loves to pull her ears, sit on her, stand on her, lift her lips to look at her teeth.  All that good baby-dog interaction type stuff. Marge, for all her crazyness, is incredibly patient. She either just takes it lying down, or gets up and leaves. The only thing she does not tolerate is if Papillon squeezes her feet. Then she will snap a bit and Papillon knows she has crossed a line.  Don't fret though, there relationship is closely supervised, and we are working on teaching Papillon to "play nice" with Marge. 

....is pretty good and following commands. She clearly recognizes many words. I can ask her where Snoopy, or her stuffed Monkey is and she will dutifully look for them and hand them to me. She will do that same for her milk and books. And has even understood when I ask her to get me "another book" or "a different book". She may not say a lot of words, but she is a pretty smart cookie.

Happy 14 months, Papillon!

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