3 Years Later...the shed

Believe it or not, we have lived in our House in the City for 3 years now. Yikes! How did that happen so quickly! We knew when we bought the house that we wanted something "move-in-ready" - cause odds were we weren't going to do a lot of things to the house. And as we expected we have done next to nothing by way of significant improvements or changes. We painted Papillon's room pink...that's about it.

It's cool though, if something bothered us, or was broken, we'd fix it or change it (we actually have some sweet plans for redoing the basement this year!) But our house is lovely just the way it is.

That said, there has been 1 thing on the to do list since the day we moved in. And it's been haunting me on and off for about that long.  And finally, we did it!   We finally finally finally cleaned out the shed!

When we moved in it was full of the previous owners stuff that they had left behind. They had moved halfway across the country, so things like bags of potting soil, decorative rocks, and other random outdoor paraphernalia was not high on their list of things to pack.

For three years we have simply added our stuff on top of theirs. Shoving things around to make space as necessary and really having no idea what was inside.

Last weekend, with the help of some friends (who own a truck!) we cleaned it out!

Some of the stuff we got rid of (either to the dump or via freecycle)

  • Potting soil, mulch, "worm castings", fertilizer
  • Bug killers, weed killers
  • A boatload of asphalt repair stuff (you'd think our driveway would be in better condition for all the DIY driveway stuff they had bought)
  • Propane stove thingy
  • Small cabinets with the drawers essentially nailed shut. 
  • Random pieces of gutter
  • A frog gigger - I what you would do with this tiny tiny pitchfork; but our friend (the one with the truck) knew exactly what it was. He is an avid Frog Gigger. How random. 
Some stuff we are not getting rid of:
  • Lots of garden edging - time to edge in those gardens and keep the grass out! 
  • A solid wood, interior door that actually fits in our door frames. This was hugely exciting cause we really want to replace one of the doors that is falling apart. But we had learned it's a custom size so it would cost us like $250.  We just need to put some paint on the one from the shed and we will have saved ourselves $250!!
  • A TON of mirrors! It's actually kind of creepy how many mirrors we have - why did the previous owners have them???  Big sheets of unframed mirror.  I don't know what we are going to do with them yet - but we felt like we should keep them. What should we do with them? Thoughts?

It feels so so so so good to have the shed cleaned out.  We have so much space now! And so much less junk!

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