Kitchen Triumphs

I have really been enjoying fiddling in my kitchen recently. I've had a few flops when trying new things, but largely, we've had a lot of success. 

A recent string of success included...

Homemade Bagels!

Yogurt so thick it could sit on its side all day long.

and delicious, delicious granola bars.


Eliz. K said...

1) I love making homemade bagels! They are SO tasty!

2) I am terrified of making yogurt. If you have the time, could you tell more about making it? (I think CWK mayyyy have gotten food poisoning from it the one time we tried-- yikes!!)

3) I need this recipe, please? I would love to know how to make granola bars, and those look amazing!

Austin Storm said...

Those all look amazing

Beth Anne said...

They all look like they turned out great! (And some of my favorite things to make as well) :)