Hibou Randomness

Prepared to be underwhelmed by the quality of the following photos. One is sideways, and one is super blurry...oh well, they had to be posted. 

Hibou is growing up fast these days. I am gently working on weaning her, but its been a little tricky and may take some time. Mostly cause seems to be kind of picky about other beverages. Milk she generally hates. Juice she is also not a fan of. Water from her sippy cup - sometimes she'll go for it. 

The only thing she'll consistently drink....water from my cup. Iced up really cold, of course.

You may recall that it wasn't until recently that Hibou figured out how to crawl. And we are still not really even close to walking. She just started pulling up on things this week...and promptly fell on her head, landing on a block and getting a large bruise on her forehead.  But before she was pulling up to a standing position, she was doing this:

Headstands. It was hilarious. She would spend a lot of time like that - head down all the way to the ground. Legs straight as sicks. Up and down and up and down she would go. 

It's good practice I suppose. One day she'll walk.

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