Family Birthday Party

Yup, Hibou's just about 13 months, and I am just now writing about her Family Birthday Party. But, what can you do. Life moves fast.

Grandpa, Nana, Nannie, Aunt Mimi, Grandad and Grandma Lori all joined us for an afternoon of fun.

Aunt Mimi's birthday is just 3 days before Hibou's so we had some presents for her too.

Hibou is actually pretty skilled at present opening.

Only, it takes a long time. One tiny piece at a time.

Fun toys!

Hibou was having a grand time, all happiness and smiles. Then I got out the cake, and when I walked past her with her piece of cake, and didn't give it to her immediately....she flipped out! She clearly loves cake and didn't want to wait for us to sing to be able to dig in!


Happy Birthday, again, little Hibou.

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