Easter came early

I was mistaken...I have one more March post to take care of. Who would've thunk Easter could be so early!! 

We celebrated Easter with my side of the family. There was delicious food (including a plethora of desserts), lots of pleasant small talk, and, of course, and Easter Egg hunt. Officially the first for both Hibou and Papillon. 

First though, there was a little book reading with Grandpa while we waited for food.

And a little piano playing after dinner to aid the digestion.

Papillon dyed a few Easter eggs.


And also helped Aunt Mimi get comfortable for her afternoon nap.

Hibou was obsessed with the eggs.

So much so that she wouldn't let go of the two in her hands.

And so had to eat her food like a bird.

Papillon, being the only one of Easter Egg hunting age, scored a LOT of eggs.

Once she got the hang of finding them, she loved it.

Hibou found 2, and then didn't know what to do when you handed her a third. She wanted really badly to hold it and would look from the 3rd egg to one hand and then the other trying to work out that mental puzzle.


Easter morning before church we took a few pictures (of everyone except Mon Amour...sorry Mon Amour). Both girls had mixed opinions about this photo op.


A good one of us girlies!

A noble attempt at a Sisters picture.

A little better...sort of.

Many thanks to a good friend of ours who gave us the dresses. Papillon was in love with hers. So much so that she insisted in sleeping with it next to her bed the night before Easter. And in the morning she came out of her room holding her dress and proclaimed "today I can wear my pretty dress and go to church and show my friends and they (will) be so excited and we can sing songs about...about...dresses!"  Dress-worship aside, it was super adorable.

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