Crow Farm

After spending the morning in Chestertown, we ventured out into the "country" to take the girls to visit the farm where Mon Amour and I lived before they were born.  Much has changed since we were there last.  They are now a full fledged vineyard, and B&B. The house we had lived in is now a little cottage open for vacation rental. All the new people that we met at the farm couldn't believe we had actually lived there. It's a pretty tiny place!

Fancy new sign!

Checkin' out the cows! They have a LOT more cows than they did when we lived there. It seems the beef side of their business is taking off...

We also met the miniature ponies. They serve no practical purpose. But they are adorable.

In light of the expanding beef business, they now own their own bull (technically they share it with one other farm...he's pulling double duty!).  This bull is much much nicer than the bull they rented back in the day.

Papillon was equally excited and terrified.

And of course, before we left, we had to sample the goods.

Tasty wine, fun memories, and cool new developments. It was a great visit!

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