Bubble Baths

A while ago I tried to introduce Papillon to the joys of bubble baths.  She loved taking baths, and she also loved bubbles. I figured it would be a win win.  To my surprise, she was totally freaked out by how the bubble stuck to her and she couldn't make them go away. She kept whining and telling me "wipe it off, wipe it off".   So we shelved the bubble bath idea for a while. 

Until about 2 weeks ago, I decided to try again. It was a totally different experience - she loved it! Bath toys are totally unneccesary when bubbles are around.  We make bubble beards, bubble band aids, bubble shirts, bubble soup. She "washes" Hibou with the bubbles.  Its amazingly fun times. 

Despite her crabby face, Hibou really does love the bubbles and doesn't mind being smacked in the face with a handful of bubbles (how else would you put a bubble beard on your baby sister?!). She is only said cause she wants to play with my camera.


Bathtime is such a fun time around here. After I wash the girls they get to sit and play and play and play while I sit next to the tub reading a magazine. It's a great way for all three of us to unwind.

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